Blow off, wind!

Spring storms in Denver can get pretty windy. (If last year is typical, we are nearly done with it.)

But today it really pissed me off.

  • Parsley is both upside down and dumped out.
  • Basil dumped out and I lost half of one, but otherwise, it seems pretty hardy.
  • Brocolini on its side, but it’s very hardy.
  • Butter lettuce and kale leaning.
  • Thyme stayed in the base.
  • Flowering plants a bit crushed by the tumble.

I resurrected each tier, replanted the casualties, trimmed them up, and topped off all the dirt. Then, I brought each tier in for a good/long drink of water. They are now stacked 3×2 in corner behind some large tubs. This will keep them from getting as much sun, but it’s also protecting them from the wind.

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