Denver > Austin

Denver is better than Austin. To us, of course. LOL!

I started a blog post about all the things we find better here, but it took on a life of it’s own and is now a page on our site that will be updated as we learn of more.

We shocked a few people when we said we were moving to Denver with hardly any visits to the city. I’d been “through” it once as a young adult and fell in love with the city. I even wanted a destination wedding here long before I met my soulmate. E had traveled to Colorado a bit, too. We both always dreamed of here. Four years ago, we flew in/out through here. But between schedules and then the Pandemic, we didn’t get to come back up here.

We did spend a few days up here shopping for condos…and that solidified our decision. Our Realtor was the most surprised at all the new things we were taking on: new city/state, getting further from family, urban condo living, a real winter, etc..

Go read the page and you’ll see: not everything is bigger (or better) in Texas.

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