Breaking up is easy to do

We broke up with some #childfree almost-friends last night (as of this writing which will post at a later date). This was our third time to meet them. There was a red flag (pun intended) at our second, but we thought it was a misunderstanding. Now we know it was not. The exact story isn’t blog worthy; maybe I’ll elaborate later.

The gist is: we don’t willingly socialize with republicans or libertarians. Clearly, we don’t always know, but when they out themselves, they do so on our chopping block. Anyone who supports a party of sexism, bigotry, hate, greed, and other “sins”–to use their own markers for morality–is not someone we will give our time or energy to. They don’t deserve friends, in my opinion. They definitely don’t deserve our friendship.

So, this morning, one of the first posts I see is just ..dang …relevant.

What republicans don't want women to remember. In 1974 republicans and conservatives voted against the Equal Credit Act that would allow women to apply for their won credit cards and mortgage loans. "Men should always co-sign." In 1978 they voted against the Pregnancy Act. They wanted to keep the employer's right to fire pregnant women. In 1980 they voted against allowing women to report sexual harassment in the work place. "Men will be men." In 2012 they voted against the Equal Pay for Equal Work for Women. "Men should be paid more." In 1994 and 2012 they voted against Violence Against Women Acct which helps victims of domestic violence and rape and educates law enforcement. In 1972 they fought against selling birth control to single women until the Supreme Court made it available for all.

I relayed this story to someone today who said, “It must be hard to be a republican in Colorado”. Yes, it honestly must be hard to be one anywhere, but especially here.

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