Nice Guys Win

It’s nice to see the good guys come out on top.

Several weeks ago after an Ikea run, we stumbled upon Colorado Casual Furniture. We went in; we loved the bar stools, and even liked a set they had in stock. We were ready to buy, but also needed to look for a small table. We were met with a “sorry, we’re closing.” Um, we were about to drop $1200 or more, but okay. We told the guy we’d come back the next day. The staff left so fast, that they beat us to their cars.

The next day, we tried another location that was much closer. (I felt bad that the guy who helped us wasn’t going to make the sale, but that’s on them. I’ve never seen a purchase that large get halted for closing time.) 

At the second location, we didn’t get past the foyer when I said nope, turned heel, and did my best to publicly shame them.

white board on an easel reads: If you think we’re going to ask you about your vaccination status, you’re in the wrong country. (I’m honestly very surprised it’s grammatically correct; their kind aren’t usually good at that sort of thing.)

They also have a 2* rating. We should have looked at reviews, before darkening the door.

Fast forward to this week. We passed–for about the sixth time–a “billiards and barstools” store on I-25 north of Denver. Fodor Billiards is a grand store for outfitting any game room or theater. Monday, when we headed to Fort Collins, we said we’d stop there on the way back through. So today we did. We got the exact same chairs, we still go to order which finish and which fabric we wanted. But instead of $1200, we only spent $1000. And it wasn’t with a COVID-denying, anti-masking troll of a business.

If you want to see some of our pics from Fort Collins, and the Rocky Mountain National Park, I tweeted a few. And here is one from Horsetooth Resivoir near Fort Collins; Google stylized it “for” me.

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